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Multiply the value of your Keet platform.

Unlock new revenue opportunities while boosting patient interactions and improving outcomes—all with the Keet RTM Dashboard.

Confidently and easily bill RTM codes using the Keet platform you already know.

  • Streamline home exercise programs (HEP), patient education, outcomes reporting, and secure communications—all on one familiar platform.

  • Capture the value of care beyond the clinic walls with approximately $160 of new billing opportunities for each episode.

  • Accurately track time for monitoring patient progress within the app to ensure compliance with CMS rules.

  • Boost patient interactions with HEP updates and app-based messaging to collect patient feedback.

  • Review patient progress and accurately track active engagements for each 30-day period on the dedicated Keet RTM Dashboard.

  • Provide an additional 40 patient engagement opportunities, including interactive surveys and new educational content.

  • Retain successful patients who complete their plans of care and return for future episodes.

Get a demo.

Try our RTM Revenue Calculator to see how much new revenue you can unlock.

Simply fill in the numbers in the blue cells, and the RTM Revenue Calculator will do the rest.

RTM Revenue Calculator - Per Provider (Adjust the number in Blue Cells)

  • "Evaluations Per Month" is the total number of evaluations you have in a given month. Enter the number for one provider to preview individual results or for all providers to get an idea of the amount your clinic could earn.

  • "Medicare Distribution" is the percentage of evaluations for Medicare patients.

  • "RTM Patients" is the percentage of those patients for whom you can use RTM.

From there, our formulas take over to give you what you could roughly expect to earn (per month) from implementing RTM codes.